Capoeira Kids


Capoeira offers many benefits to kids of all ages and abilities. Classes focus on basic kicks and movements, simple to complex acrobatics and stretching to prevent injury. Kadara Capoeira Gold Coast offers a non-judgemental, fun environment where kids can come and learn at their own pace without any pressure or expectation to succeed. At the end of each class we do a group roda, just like in the adult classes. During the roda, children get a chance to play with each other and have a turn practicing the skills that they have learnt during classes. The roda also includes singing songs in Portuguese and clapping to the music, creating yet another learning opportunity through music! Children are always encouraged to join in the roda when they're ready and we delight in seeing each child's progress and confidence grow from week to week. 



Saturday Class at our new studio:

4/7 United Rd, Ashmore -

10.00am - 11.00am


Please note our Kids Class is a mixture of Beginner and Intermediate Kids.






Why Capoeira?




4 - 12 years





"Capoeira has changed my son Dylan’s life & his outlook.  Capoeira beats all the other dance/drama/martial arts classes we tried hands down." -Felicity, mother of Dylan, 12

At Kadara Capoeira Gold Coast, we believe children should be allowed to be children and train in a fun and happy environment. Our Kids Class is a great place for children to socialise and do an acitivty with their peers. Whilst teaching a martial art, we are also instilling in every child a strong sense of belonging. Our group has many families training together, including mums, dads, brothers and sisters of all ages! Come and join the fun!


Children 12 & under do 3 Intro Classes for only $20!!!

Come along and give it a go!