Kadara Capoeira -  Vision, Mission & Values - Monitor Tamandua

Associacao KADARA Capoeira is a Capoeira school based in Gold Coast, Australia. Part of Kadara Capoeira International, with branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Colombia, Germany, Argentina and the Phillipines.

VISION: A harmonious multicultural community where every person has the opportunity to develop one's full potential, enabling one to contribute positively to the society at large.

MISSION: Monitor Tamandua believes in applying capoeira and other Brazilian art forms as means for people to have physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, in an environment of tolerance, togetherness, interaction and respect as well as appreciation for one another.

VALUES: integrity, responsibility, compassion, respect, cooperation and understanding.


- To use capoeira and other aspect of the Brazilian culture to inspire and empower students.

- To create a healthy and conducive environment for personal and social growth, resulting in responsible, confident, caring and productive human beings.