Kadara Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Arts school based in Gold Coast, Australia.

Capoeira is a Brazilian artform developed by African slaves in Brazil during the portuguese colonization during the 1500's.

Our Gold Coast branch is run by Instrutor Tamandua. A 15-year Capoeira practioner and student of the great Mestre Cicatriz.





All Kadara Capoeira classes will be held at our brand new location:

4/7 United Rd, Ashmore


Get 3 intro classes for $20 Only!!!




Call 0423 293 771 for more information on:


Class times and locations.


Private Capoeira Classes.


Group and Private Acrobatics Classes.


School Demonstrations/Classes.


Kindergarten Demonstrations/Classes.



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Train CAPOEIRA with your family!!

Capoeira offers unlimited benefits for those who practise the art. It offers great improvement in physical strength, loss of weight, gain of flexibility, agility, etc..

Capoeira benefits also include the psychological aspect of the practioner (capoeirista).These include, becoming a more confident individual, becoming better in interacting with others, respect others, discipline and some people have even lost the fear of public speaking through capoeira.

At Kadara Capoeira Gold Coast, we encourage the interaction between parents and children,

as capoeira is mostly trained in a non-contact way. Its a great opportunity for families to do an activity together. When training with children, adults learn more physical control and children get more discipline training with mostly adults.

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Student Testimonials

"We have watched our son’s confidence, not to mention his strength, grow every week.  The music, the people and the moves are so contagious..."


"The atmosphere is friendly, you learn so much and you want to go back every week!"

"I absolutely love everything about Capoeira, the people, the music, the energy and so much more. I can not vouch for this amazing group enough!"